Parenthood Circles

Get access to members only content that guides through your various stages from pregnancy, to postpartum to preschool age. We combine videos, care guides, downloadibles, and our community forum to help you thrive.

Figgi provides you with the resources and tools to help you navigate the murky waters, learn to trust your gut and feel confident in your role as a parent.

Over 50 recorded demos, and how-to videos as well as care guides and downloadable checklist.

Over 20 courses on pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn care, recovery and wellness tips

Supporting you from pregnancy to todderhood.



Preparing for birth, birth affirmations, 411 on common pregnancy concers


Picky eaters, sleep challenges, temper tantrums, potty training 


Postpartum recovery, baby care, lactation, bottle feeding, starting solids, baby sleep