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Parenting was never meant to be done alone. We combine the power of 1:1 expert coaching & peer support for parents during their pregnancy and postpartum journey.


 Transforming early parenthood

Parenthood is magical, exciting and always full of adventure! There is no question it can be mentally, physically, and emotionally  draining.  Figgi is there to guide you through the joys and challenges of becoming a parent by offering personalized dedicated support and a village of parents on a similar journey.  You don’t have to navigate the chaos alone.  


Holistic evidence based care when you need it most

Pregnancy | Postpartum | Toddlerhood

Dedicated 1:1 Doula

1:1 Tele-Coaching

Virtual Community Circles

In Person Support

Whole Family Support

Find your village 


Dedicated Virtual Doula

Build a trusting relationship with your dedicated coach/doula who will guide you through your pregnancy & postpartum period. Our coaches are all highly vetted and certified professionals with years of experience both in person and virtually. 

Parenthood Circles

When a baby is born, so is a parent. That parent needs special care and support. Figgi support circles are created to nurture your growth and healing as a new parent. These are safe and encouraging spaces to connect, be yourself and heal with others.

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Virtual and in person holistic sleep support to get your through your baby’s first few years.  We provide a holistic solution that works for you & your family.

Lactation Consulting

Breast/chest, pumping or bottle feeding.  Our board certified lactation consultants provide non-judgmental baby feeding support. Lactation looks different for everyone and we fully support a hybrid approach to feeding, if that is what works best for your family.  We also offer weaning and starting solids support. 

Pelvic Floor Coaching

Our coaches provide you with guidance to address issues you may face in the prenatal and postpartum period. Some topics covered in calls may include  stretches to relieve aches and pains & birth prep to minimize trauma and recovery.

Nutrition Coaching

You are beyond what you eat. Pregnancy and postpartum take a toll on your body and many new moms are deficient in vital nutrients to heal. It is not normal to feel awful or experience imbalances. Our nutrition coaches help you implement a realistic nutrition plan that works for you.

Women's Health Coaching

 We use a CBT approach addressing the root concerns and focus on the whole person rather than focusing on one specific symptom or behavior. We incorporate stress management, nutrition, movement and more into sessions.

Acupuncture & TCM

Virtual Acupuncture involves a range of support including meditation, distance energy work to talking about nutrition/ supplemental support to discussing herbal remedies.

In Person Support

Our providers come to your home and provide support as postpartum doulas, sleep coaches or lactation consultants.  Our support is non-judgmental and always based on what works for you, your mental health & your family. Available in select cities only.

Nourish your mind & body on your parenthood journey

Get 1:1 support from certified professionals and join a community of other parents

What our members are saying


Helene S.

Mom of Two

The professional resource you need

My expert Hali was beyond resourceful, not only in answering my questions but providing great insights and guidance for each week of my baby’s development. It was great having a professional answer the questions you may have otherwise asked a a friend. As a second-time mom, I was surprised that I had much different questions and needed new answers. Baby #2 had issues with taking bottles, which I hadn’t experienced before. Hali helped me find new ways to introduce bottles to her. She also sent me schedules to stick to which was helpful in getting her into a routine.

Cara W.

New Mom

A must have for all first-time moms

As a first-time mom, it has been so amazing to have access to my doula whenever I need it. I can text, email, or FaceTime her to ask any question I might have. When I was expecting I was able to take childbirth classes, lactation class, and newborn care class for me and my partner that helped me feel super prepared for our little ones arrival.


How it works

  Let’s face it, most  doctor appointments leave little time for your questions and Google can be an endless rabbit hole. Figgi members receive a dedicated virtual doula, access to 1:1 support from holistic professionals and community support circles. 


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